Misquitos, Nicaragua

Indigenous People in Nicaragua: Conquest and Colonization Even in the Twenty-First Century

marzo 23, 2021

Expediente Público In 2010, a few years after Daniel Ortega had returned to power in Nicaragua, mestizo settlers began an uncontrolled expansion into the autonomous regions of the Caribbean, the cradle and habitat of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples. Human rights […]

Primaries in Honduras: Test of Transparency or Fraud?

marzo 12, 2021

Expediente Público The primary elections in Honduras will take place on March 14, despite a general lack of confidence in the electoral system. The three predominant political parties in the country will participate and choose their candidates for the November […]

Repression Against Women: The Regime’s Anti-Feminist Efforts in Nicaragua

enero 8, 2021

With Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in power, the Sandinista Front has consolidated its discourse against women’s movements, acting out against historic women’s rights and organizational power. The actions against organizations led by women and harassment against female leaders are based on anti-woman narratives and policies that have […]

Corruption and Coronavirus in Honduras: The Most Lethal Viruses

enero 8, 2021

Corruption in Honduras once again shows its talons during the country’s quarantine and demonstrates the incompetence of government policies to deal responsibly with the pandemic; purchases and acquisitions of supplies and medical units are wrapped up in a network of […]

Subsisting and Risk-Taking: Women Coping with the Pandemic in Nicaragua

enero 8, 2021

In Nicaragua, the Sandinista government did not want to recognize or adopt measures to reduce the impact of COVID 19, this situation forced thousands of women to take their own measures in order to balance the need to protect their families and the need […]

Ortega-Murillo: A Regime that Abolished Historic Rights for Women and Girls

enero 8, 2021

As a result of the 2020 Global Gender Gap report elaborated by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo regime attempted to extract political benefits inside and outside of the country. The report placed Nicaragua among […]